Tune Up Your Thyroid in January 2021!

For Thyroid Awareness Month, save $50 on the popular THYROID TUNEUP program, featuring on-demand videos, an eBook, and 4 bonus gifts, including the Thyroid Meditation MP3 program!

In honor of Thyroid Awareness Month, I want to offer you a special opportunity to make 2021 the year that you finally feel well and live well and get your thyroid on track, with my THYROID TUNEUP program! (And even better, save money while you do it!)

What better way to improve thyroid awareness than to know exactly what a tuned up thyroid looks like, and even more important, get answers to the question: How do I get there?

In 3 informative, easy-to-understand on-demand videos, the THYROID TUNEUP videos has everything you need to know about your thyroid, including:

  • Key thyroid tests, along with reference ranges, and the all-important OPTIMAL ranges

  • ALL the thyroid drugs that can treat your hypothyroidism-- not just the one your doctor is pushing

  • How to figure out the BEST thyroid drug -- for YOU

  • Testing and treating elevated thyroid antibodies -- and why it's important!

  • Testing and treating elevated Reverse T3 -- and why it's important!

  • How adrenal and sex hormone imbalances can affect your thyroid treatment and get in the way (and how to test and treat them!)

  • How your diet can help -- and hurt -- your thyroid

  • Essential lifestyle changes to help you live well with hypothyroidism

Watch your THYROID TUNEUP videos anytime, on your phone, laptop, desktop or tablet, as often as you want!

You'll also get the information-packed and newly updated THYROID TUNEUP 2021 Owner's Manual. This 100+-page ebook -- included with your THYROID TUNEUP program -- has ALL the info from the videos.

You can download your free ebook, print out important thyroid lab test charts, graphs, and tuneup checklists. I know you'll refer to it again and again as you OPTIMIZE your own thyroid treatment!


When you get the THYROID TUNEUP, you will also get 4 bonus gifts to help you rev up your health and get out on the road right away!

Your bonuses include:

  • Two-Week Energy Overhaul guide - some of my coaching clients have reported a 75% improvement in energy in just 3 days!

  • Thyroid Thin weight loss guide -- I lost 50 pounds, and you can too!

  • Detailing: Hair, Brows & Lashes guide for hair loss -- don't put up with thinning hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes when there are effective solutions

  • The full 30-minute Thyroid Meditation audio program - a popular guided medication MP3 designed specifically for thyroid patients -- to help enhance your balance and wellness!

Learn more about the THYROID TUNEUP program at the THYROID TUNEUP information page at https://maryshomon.podia.com/thyroidtuneup. There's even a fun video that explains the whole program -- and why you may need it!


Thousands of thyroid patients used the THYROID TUNEUP successfully in 2020. Here are just a few comments I've received:

"Mary, I have to tell you that I LOVED your Thyroid Tuneup. I feel like I finally understand my test levels, and know what I need to bring up with my doctor at my next appointment (And you bet I will.)" ~ Kara W.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you! Based on what I learned from the Tuneup program, I asked my doctor to test my antibodies, and, surprise! It turns out I've got Hashimoto's. The doctor never bothered to find out until I asked." ~ Margaret B.
"I printed out your blood test charts from the Tuneup book, and went back over my past blood tests. Let me just say I was REALLY ticked off to find out that a TSH of 5.3 is not normal like my doctor said. Next up: A NEW doctor!" ~ Elena R.
"Hey Mary--Just want to say that the Tuneup was really helpful, but OMG, I did the 2-week energy program, and it was a LIFE-CHANGER! I don't need a nap every afternoon anymore and I'm not sleeping 12 hours on the weekend! My kids say thanks! Hooray! You rock!" ~ Pat R.


So, can you imagine having all this information at your fingertips? You'll be empowered to get your thyroid treatment under control! AND, you'll quickly fast forward to truly feeling and living well in 202!

If you order the THYROID TUNEUP by Sunday, January 31, 2021 at 9 pm Pacific/midnight EST you'll get the full THYROID TUNEUP program -- AND the four bonus gifts -- for only $47. This program usually retails for $97, and after January, it will go back to its regular price.

Why not grab your THYROID TUNEUP now? You'll save $50 -- enough to buy an extra tank of gas, or even two! You can order and access the program and your bonus gifts at https://maryshomon.podia.com/thyroidtuneup


Make 2021 the year you tune up your thyroid, and truly FEEL WELL AND LIVE WELL!

~ Mary