It makes me crazy when I hear from thyroid patients who are paying health insurance co-pays of hundreds of dollars for their blood tests. It also makes me crazy when I hear from patients whose doctors actually mark up the cost of blood tests they do in-office by 100% or more! I’m…
If you’re hypothyroid and want to help ensure heart health — and avoid risks of cardiovascular issues — there’s new research out in JAMA Open Access to…
A handy chart
The program that helps you overcome hormonal havoc, nutritional imbalances, and subconscious saboteurs so you can finally lose weight. Weightless helps…
A review of RAI treatment for thyroid conditions
New T3 Medication for Hypothyroid Patients
It's Time for the 2022 Thyroid Tuneup!
My new four-week course with Chapter starts on February 28th!
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