Sticking Out Our Necks

Welcome to Sticking Out Our Necks, Thyroid and Hormonal Health News, with Mary Shomon, New York Times bestselling author, health coach, patient advocate, health activist / educator, and podcaster

Welcome to Sticking Out Our Necks: Thyroid and Hormonal Health News with Mary Shomon. (You may know me as "Thyroid Mary" on Twitter and Instagram, or from my Facebook support communities, ThyroidSupport, ThyroidDiet, and HormonalHavoc.) I’m a New York Times bestselling health author of 15 books, a patient advocate, health activist/disruptor, educator, hormonal health coach, and podcaster. I’m the creator of a number of multimedia educational programs — featuring videos, online guides, and eBooks — including the Thyroid Tuneup, Levothyroxine Deep Dive, Natural Thyroid Guide and Hormonal Havoc. I’m also the creator and host of the Thyroid Deep Dive podcast. For more than two decades, I’ve been rattling the cages of the medical mandarins, and fast-forwarding you up the hormonal health learning curve, so you can more quickly get to the best part: feeling and living well!